Production of Highly Products and Souvenirs From The Ural stone




"Jasper World" - an enterprise for the production of highly artistic products, souvenirs from the Ural stone.
   Firm "Jasper World" working in the market since 1993 and is a leader in the production of highly artistic products of Ural stone: jasper (more than 300 species), malachite, jade, rhodonite, lapis lazuli, amazonite, dolerite and coil.
   On the site you will find all the information you need about our products and can begin to cooperate with us.
   In our work we focus on the wholesale buyer and work under the order: on your drawings and sketches, with the drawing of the logo, symbols of your company, firm, educational institution.
   True art lovers will discover a vivid beauty, charm and harmony of the natural stone vases and candelabra, the lamps and clocks, writing instruments and sculptures. In each item enclosed shower and skill of the best stone-cutters of Chelyabinsk. We are proud of exclusive and quality products!

The company's products
"Jasper World"  is designed for consumers with different income levels. Articles produced in various price categories.

        We have:
 - Availability of quality products

 - Price Manufacturer
 - Convenient payment terms.